Bee Kind Organics
Talli Chaimovitz


Image of the studio

39218 Combermere Road
Just past downtown Combermere on the left, heading towards Maynooth.

Located in the heart of Combermere overlooking the Mighty Madawaska River sits the humble studio of Bee Kind Organics.  Nestled into the edge of the forest are the beautiful gardens that grow some of the herbs used in the products. 

Talli is a mother of 4 and has spent the last 20 years developing, creating and using the products that she now shares with the world.   With the intention of living at one with nature in a self-sustaining manner she has learned to be a beekeeper, harvest and use plants as medicine, make beeswax candles and garden and harvest fire wood using horse power. 

Bee Kind Organics has booths at local farmers markets, art & craft shows throughout Ontario and special events with the focus on the earth.

Chest rub, Heal all and Aches & Arthrits. 3 ointments that every house should have on hand. The base of these ointments is beeswax from her hives and homemade herbal infusions from plants that she has wild crafted and grown.

Natural soaps...made from 100% renewable and sustainable ingredients. No Palm Oil!  These bars are hardened with beeswax from her hives, scented with essential oils and coloured by plants.

More beeswax products: Lip balms, organic edible massage oil, bug repellant & afterbite.

Image of the artist

Golden Beeswax  

So many designs !  

Honeybee Motif  

Intricate Votives  

Beeswax bowl with plant  

Beeswax Bowls  

Dragonfly Love  



Plant dyes to colour soap !