Madawaska Metal Works
Mike Desrochers


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Guests: Reina Coulthart
Gnarly Burl Studios

2736 Quadeville Road (hwy 515)
10 min West of Foymount, 3 min East of Quadeville

Most of my pieces are produced in the traditional methods of blacksmiths by coal-fired forge and on the anvil under a hammer. The materials I use are primarily discarded iron and steels from abandoned farmsteads and antiquated industries of the upper Ottawa Valley. Whenever possible I allow most of my pieces to retain telltale signs of their origins. Each of my creations is 'one-off' with a past and story of its own long before it found its way into my forge and under my hammer.

Basic forging demonstrations Friday through Sunday. I'll be forging small giveaway pieces hourly. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain insight and appreciation for this heritage craft. 

Note: Our farmstead studio & gallery are comfortable rain or shine with indoor viewing areas, washroom facilities, clean water and picnic tables.

More info on my website.  www.mikedesrochers.com


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Black Capped Chickadees  


Great Horned Owl  

Pond Life  


Horseshoe Heart  

Carved Shovels  

At the Forge  

Steak Flippers and Oyster Shuckers  

New Life for an Old Handsaw  

Chef Knives  

Bottle and glasses holder  

Fire Poker