Dye Devereux, Artist
Cormorant Lane
Art Studio & Gallery


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Guest: Loreen Walker

15 Cormorant Lane, Combermere, Ontario
From Hwy 62 in Combermere turn east on Hwy 515, travel less than 1km, turn right on Riverside Drive, then turn right on Cormorant Lane.

Expressing Nature's Beauty with a Brush Stroke –
Dye Devereux, Cormorant Lane.

I define my acrylic painting style as “Quirky Realism” whatever that is. People say my paintings seem alive, they want to move in close, they hold back from touching them. As an artist I like that; when people truly feel and see my work.

I paint details because I think they matter, and vague suggestion because it inspires.
I paint contrast because it is invigorating and quiet harmony because it is soothing.

I like inquisitive minds, I believe they should be rewarded and encouraged to look for more.

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Eagle Portrait  

Foxglove Free For All  

The Breakfast Club  

Cormorant Lane  

A Change in The Weather  

Hawk Portrait  

Eagle Ridge  

Bee Bomber