Eric Flemming

613 628 3289

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Eric Flemming is an artist and educator with a professional background in set/prop construction and visual arts instruction. In the mid nineties he attended the Ontario College of Art and Design graduating from their sculpture/installation program.

He draws inspiration from, and is fascinated by, the intricacies of mechanical devices. Past creations have taken the form of small sculptural machines with motorized or moving components.

His recent illustrations are creatures fused together with parts both technological and animal. These illustrations are not sketched beforehand but executed directly onto Bristol board with ink pen. The  organism evolves with the spontaneous addition of arms, pumps, engines and tentacles.  

Prints, cards, stickers, small sculptures and colouring pages will be available for purchase. Visitors can contribute ideas to large scale chalk drawings that will grow and change throughout each day of the tour.


Image of the artist