Fraser Knives
Grant Fraser


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17319 Hwy 60, Wilno
17319 Hwy 60 White house with hedge right next to St Mary's Catholic Church in Wilno.

Grant makes a wide range of knives, from reproductions of antique collectors bowies and daggers to exceptional kitchen knives known for balance, lightness and long-lasting edges. Grant makes his own patterned steel (Damascus) and forges steel from bearings, engine shafts and saw blades, as well as the best stainless steels on the market. 

Most knives Grant makes are one of a kind due to blade shape and handle material - beautiful, while retaining their intended use. Rare woods such as ebony, cocobolo, rose wood, as well as mastodon ivory and pearl, are selected to totally personalize and add to the uniqueness of each piece. 

Grant form fits all sheaths and cases to each knife. High grade leather is hand hammered and patterned to create dragon skin with a myriad of designs and colours.

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