Twigs and Blossoms
Jody McKone


Image of the studio

1683 Letterkenny Rd
About half way between Brudenell and Quadeville on the Letterkenny Rd

I began working with wood and pyrography in 2009, inspired by the beauty in the wood itself. My work reflects the soothing landscapes surrounding my home on the edge of Algonquin Park.

I opened my online shop, Twigs and Blossoms, in 2010 and have been selling my work worldwide ever since.

My pieces began small, with ornaments, candle holders and little works of art. My vision of working on much larger pieces has pushed me to create new burning techniques in the field of pyrography.

We have been busy over the past winter building a new studio on our property, and have been preparing flower beds as we begin a journey to combine my love of nature, art and flowers. Although the vision is far from finished, I look forward to sharing my work in this new location!

Image of the artist

Into The Forest  

Woodland Skyline  

Winter Wonderland Ornaments  

The Ancient Tree  

Birch Forest Tealight Holder  

Blue Skies  

Into the Forest  

Winters Tale  

Birch Tealight Candles  

The Four Feathers  


Land of the Silver Birch  

Unique Ornaments  

Taking Flight  

Birch Candle Holders - Monarch  

Across the Water  

Tealight Holder  


Islands Apart  

Birch Trees  

Wood Burning