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Guest: Tamara Gibson

8315 Brudenell Rd., County Rd #512, Old Killaloe
2km. south of Killaloe

Since 1998, Rrijoice Tie-Dyes has been creating high vibrational, colourful clothing, by the thousands, for young and old, big and small, alike.

Hand dyed. Signature colours. Expert patterns.

Rri combines traditional folding techniques, such as Japanese Shibori, with modern themes, patterns and dyes.

Images like hearts, guitars, peace symbols, dragonflies, spirals, and, wavy rainbows abound.

Rrijoice Tie-Dyes is proud to carry a variety of cotton socks, inluding the popular knee-high. Made exclusively by a small, family operated company in Ontario. These custom made socks are manufactured on vintage machines to ensure quality and longevity.

After operating a fun little seasonal boutique, in Wilno, for eleven years, Rri has built a strong reputation and clientelle.

Now, Rrijoice Tie-Dyes can be found on County Road #512, in Old Killaloe, Ontario, where all the tie-dyes are made, on site, in Rri's off- grid solar powered home. There you will find a showroom displaying the myriad of joyful, colour rich clothing for newborn babes all the way up to 4XL adult sizes.

Custom orders are accepted. Workshops are available.
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Ladies V-neck Heart tee.  

Ontario made cotton socks! Made exclusively for Rrijoice Tie-Dyes.  

Line drying freshies beside showroom!  

Silk scarves blowing in the wind.  


More Ontario Made socks. Available in mens and ladies sizes.  

Knee-High Socks Manufactured in Ontario. Tie-Dyed by Rrijoice!  

Adult size Owl tee.  

Earth tone Peace symbol tee.  


Peace and Love are always in fashion!