Sprague Woodturning
Sprague Woodturning

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Jim started turning in 1999, and over the years has managed to perfect his technique, creating one-of-a-kind works of art. With the use of his lathe, he is able to produce unique, food safe items that will hopefully become future family heirlooms. Jim considers his wood-turned items to be functional art, intended to be used in everyday life, yet beautiful enough to be called art. Jim uses fresh cut, salvaged logs, burls and exotic woods, sometimes letting them sit for a year or more allowing nature to spalt the logs adding greater visual interest in the turnings that he produces.

Once the wood is mounted on the lathe, he uses a number of techniques and tools to rough out his work. Then the roughed-out item is sealed to help prevent cracking and placed in his drying shed to sit for no less than one year. Once dry, the item is placed back on the lathe and finished.  Jim will sometimes inlay the rim of the bowl with shells, soapstone, or other minerals, creating even more interest. Refusing to give up on an item that has cracked, he will often inlay cracks and knots, thus saving the item from the woodstove and making the item more valuable. 

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Lichtenberg figured cutting boards