Opeongo Soaps
Tammy Stuart


Image of the studio

Opeongo Soaps has been around for 22 years, now. Upon hearing of the previous owner's retirement, Tammy approached them to see if she could help keep Opeongo Soaps alive! After showing her the ropes of soapmaking and the business, away she went!

Since her acquisition of Opeongo Soaps in September of 2017 she has added 7 new scents to the Rainwater Soaps lineup, introduced a line of My Everything Soap Bars (shampoo to toes), Neem Nurturer Facial & Body Butter, and Pit Perfect Natural Underarm Deodorant/Balm. 

Opeongo Soaps continues to provide quality ecological skin care with superior unprecedented benefits.

Image of the artist

Spirit of the 60's Patchouli  

Clary Sage  

Cedar Leaf  

Pit Perfect